We have amazing clients located all over New Zealand; spanning from Auckland right down to Dunedin.

And although blessed with glorious mountains and scenic views to enjoy when he’s not working, Tom Sweeney from Crew Consulting still made time to hang out with one of our remote Adders.

Read on to see what he had to say about the recruitment scene in New Zealand.

  1.  What is the recruiting community like here?

Tom: Dunedin is quite small and there are a few owner operated recruitment companies here. It’s all very  supportive, we know most of the companies and have good relationships with them. We collaborate with a few as we only work IT & Digital roles, so if something comes up in office management or accounting then we would have someone to pass them on to.

We work nationally as well, most of the people we come across in the recruitment community are cool and want people to succeed.

  1. How is this region different from the place(s) you’ve come from?

Tom: Recruitment wise it’s all very similar, there is a demand for talent and we help people find that talent. Recruitment is simple. However, lots of companies don’t see or know the value in recruitment firms and our job is to educate them. We are not looking to just put a bum on a seat for our customers, if we can’t add value to their process then there is no point working with us.

In general it’s not that different, we try to  approach things differently to other agencies.

  1. What are some of the recruiting trends here? How do they differ?

Tom: The technology space in New Zealand is growing and there is a demand for talent of all levels. We need more people doing IT degrees and getting into STEM so the tech space can grow. It was the same in Sydney when I worked there. We work with  a lot of international candidates to get them over. We are finding a lot of similar trends to before, it’s more about how you approach recruitment and getting customers to work with you. You have to get inventive with how to attract candidates as well, the standard mediums are not always the best.

  1. How have you built your company culture and is it different to the companies you have worked at previously?

Tom: We are looking to create an outcome focussed culture. We are not that worried about hours under the belt and KPI’s hit. We know what we need to achieve and set ourselves achievable goals and smash them. If that means I work Saturdays one month and the other month I do 3 days a week because I have friends visiting then so be it. We work hard and achieve our targets.

  1. To what degree is working flexibility embraced here and how?

Tom: We are really flexible here, it’s the only way to work in our day and age. I am an early riser so am in early and leave early, I work from Central Otago some weeks and was working from Bali as I was there for a friend’s wedding. I don’t see it being flexible, I see it as getting things done and being accountable for what you do. If that means working from home before you go skiing or working late at night because you were on the road during the day. We want people to be working at their best so that might be different times to me and vice versa.  If you can manage your diary well and add your notes to JobAdder then it’s all good.

Crew Consulting is a Specialist Recruitment agency focussed on creating a positive recruitment experience for everyone involved.

Crew takes a consultative approach to recruitment so we can understand you as an individual to provide tailored solutions.

We are Real People, working from Real Experience giving Real Advice, keeping recruitment simple.



  1. We are a recruitment business in Dunedin & also use job adder we LOVE it! Used it in Sydney when the business first opened and signed up when I moved to NZ it was a no brainer! Easy to use, simple and practical. Used most recruitment software but this is by far the best & cost effective

  2. Hi Emily!

    We would love to feature you in our next Spotlight!

    Thanks for your shout out 🙂

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