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There’s no better feeling than knowing we don’t have to say goodbye to a client just because they’re changing jobs.

Lee Crompton has been recruiting with JobAdder since he first started out in the recruitment industry 2 years ago, so we were thrilled to hear that he carried JobAdder over to his current role as Senior Business Development Manager at 4Twenty Consulting.

We caught up with Lee to find out about his favourite parts of JobAdder – no, not just the famous gummy snakes! – as well as what trends he’s observing in the Australian sales industry at the moment.


JobAdder Lee Crompton 4Twenty Consulting


1. How did you come across JobAdder?

Lee: I used JobAdder with a previous employer as it was their recruitment CRM of choice, so I’ve been with JobAdder from the very beginning of my recruitment career. On day 2 of using it I went down to your HQ for training and away I went. The training was fantastic and you gave out free gummy snakes, what more can you ask for?!

I’ve been using JobAdder for 2 years now and have seen a lot of changes over that time… Good changes!


2. What are your go-to JobAdder features, tools or shortcuts?

Lee: I would say Quick View is one of my favourite features. You can do a quick scan of any resume before you actually click into the candidate, giving you a quick snapshot. Quick View helps me weave through candidates quicker to find people who are suitable for a role.

The Candidate Search function is also great. The fact that you can input keywords listed on the resume and look people up is really helpful and it means you can filter from when people have applied. We can filter by specific dates when candidates applied in the last 3 – 6 months so that we know they’re still semi-active.


3. 4Twenty Consulting specialise in sales talent, what are some of the trends you’re noticing in sales candidates at the moment?

Lee: Well obviously, the best sales candidates are the ones who are recruited based on competencies and ability. But another key component that’s massive now – especially within the Australian market which is really competitive – is culture fit.

This means that as recruiters, we have to place the right candidate in the right role while thinking broader than just whether they tick all the boxes on paper. A – Can they do the role, but also B – Are they going to enjoy the role day-to-day? Will they last in that role?

We’ve found as a result of recruiting with that mindset, our attrition rate when placing candidates with clients is fantastic.

4. What does your recruitment strategy look like for 2017?

Lee: Our strategy this year is to continue to solidify our foothold in the Australian market here and keep operating off a candidate-first ethos.

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