We’re excited to announce our latest partnership with NPAworldwide. During 2015, JobAdder will be the Alliance Partner in the ATS category for NPAworldwide. During 2015, we’ll continue our expansion worldwide by sharing the latest trends in Applicant Tracking Systems and recruitment to NPA’s engaged group of recruitment professionals. In addition, look for JobAdder on NPAWorldwide’s […]


From Denver to Sydney, JobAdder offers global support to our extensive network of top notch recruiting professionals and companies. Now JobAdder can check Mexico City off on our list with the addition of Arancione! Learn how JobAdder has helped Jorge Martinez and his company, Arancione, get started with JobAdder, their success with our system and […]


In an important ruling for recruiters and HR professionals, a Queensland court has ruled that Woolworths discriminated against a job applicant by making age and gender questions mandatory on their job application form. Job applicant, Steven Wilmott, saw a job advertisement by Woolworths on their careers page. Wilmott did not complete the application because he […]