Introducing Onboard Express, a web-based platform that aims to eliminate 80% of manual onboarding costs and time for businesses.

Sound good to you?

It’s simple – once a candidate is placed using JobAdder, recruiters and hiring managers can create and issue onboarding documentation with ease using Onboard Express.


JobAdder Onboard Express


Onboard Express creates personalised online portals for each new employee that are used to issue employment contracts, forms, policy documents and more. The recruiter or hiring manager can also send through welcome packs, customised videos and other general company information to the newbie in order to boost engagement and promote company culture.

Like JobAdder, Onboard Express is web-based, making it accessible from any mobile device.

After the new starter reviews and completes all necessary onboarding documentation, each relevant internal department (such as IT and Payroll) is notified so that all parties are fully prepared ahead of Day One.

As this whole process is conducted online, it bypasses the traditional time lag associated with separate onboarding documents being sent back and forth in the mail.


JobAdder Onboard Express


This integration results in the easy flow of relevant data from JobAdder to Onboard Express.

It also ensures that seamless placement of a candidate (thanks to JobAdder) is followed by the smooth onboarding of that person into a workplace (thanks to Onboard Express) making both processes streamlined and simple for all parties.
For more information about how to get signed up with Onboard Express, check out the Onboard Express integrations page.

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