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New data released at the beginning of the week reveals that the outlook among the recruitment sector in the UK is looking optimistic.

UK recruitment body APSCo has released survey data indicating that a massive 85% of recruitment leaders are confident that their business will grow over the next 12 months.

Other insights from APSCo’s findings include:

  • 98% of recruiters agree that ‘having the right people on board’ is important or very important
  • 57% say that upskilling employees is their primary concern
  • 50% predict that there will be fewer permanent vacancies post-Brexit
  • 44% predict an increase in contract positions
  • 40% are planning to review their business strategy in response to Brexit

Of the survey results, APSCo Chief Executive Ann Swain said, “It is unsurprising that the impact of Brexit is being felt by the professional recruitment sector. However, it is encouraging that business leaders are pre-empting possible consequences so that they can flex and adapt in response… Professional recruiters are nothing if not resilient, and the most successful businesses continually respond to market demand.”

This positive sentiment is a welcome response to Brexit doomsday prophets, especially in light of the celebrations across the pond in France following the election of “pro-business” Emmanuel Macron on Sunday.

Key recruitment leaders have already offered insight that it is in every party’s best interest for France and the UK to work together to build a strong economy. There’s also a sense of relief at the outcome of the French election among the UK recruitment sector, as it won’t have an adverse effect on the industry.

Managing Director of First Point Group recruitment company David Taylor commented, “In all honesty it’s business as usual. Macron is pro-business, which is good for our local office.”

With the landscape of the recruitment sector in the UK looking rosy, here’s looking forward to seeing continued growth for UK recruitment businesses!

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