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The new podcast ‘The Consummate Recruiter” is now live, hosted by our very own Brett Iredale.

Creating the podcast has been an exciting project for all of us involved. We have not previously created this type of content and mastering the audio technology, establishing suitable recording environments, learning the art of interview and everything else involved has only cemented our passion for the project. This is a podcast born out of a deep love of the recruitment industry and a desire to see a greater level of knowledge sharing in the industry.


Why You Should Listen?

Brett will be chatting with experienced recruitment professionals, CEOs, Directors, and Practitioners to get their insights, hear their successes and failures to help you, and others in the industry, succeed – no topic is out of bounds.

Some of the issues covered so far are:

  • The RCSA: is it relevant in Australia?
  • What you don’t need, when starting up an agency
  • The biggest risk to starting up on your own
  • The impact of machine learning on recruitment
  • How do you feel about your staff starting their own agencies?
  • From backpacker to successful agency owner

If you want honest recruitment news, advice, opinions from some of the best – this is something for you.

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How You Can Listen?

You can listen directly on The Consummate Recruiter website if you are in front of your PC/Mac now.

If you would prefer to listen on the go to iTunes if you are on IOS (Apple) or Android, try the PodCast Republic App or the SoundCloud App and search for “Consummate Recruiter”

We have provided instructions for the less techie here.


Current Episodes

Season One

And please give us a 5 Star review on iTunes if you like the content and feel free to click here if you have any suggestions or comments on the show.



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