From Denver to Sydney, JobAdder offers global support to our extensive network of top notch recruiting professionals and companies. Now JobAdder can check Mexico City off on our list with the addition of Arancione!

Learn how JobAdder has helped Jorge Martinez and his company, Arancione, get started with JobAdder, their success with our system and how our support team has helped them along the way.

Why were you looking for an applicant tracking system?

We were looking for a system that allowed us to have control in the way we recruit. In addition, we wanted a central base that we could upload resumes. Before JobAdder, we had an approach with German company that didn’t have applicant tracking system that showed stages in our searches. Other tools were too expensive, not web based and weren’t compatible with that Mac environment.

How a cloud-based ATS benefited Arancione?

Moving JobAdder’s cloud-based solution has been great! Before we had no visibility into what how our recruiters successes. Now, when one of our consultants is using JobAdder, we able to identify other recruiters’ candidates, what jobs they have applied for and their current employment status. Prior to JobAdder, getting the full picture was difficult. JobAdder’s cloud-based solution has benefited us tremendously.

Why did you choose JobAdder

We found JobAdder on GetApp. From the start, your sales team member Ryan listened to my questions. Your support team was very patient with us. We felt like your company cared about us and our needs even though we are a smaller company. Compare this to other system, such as Bullhorn, and you won’t get this personal approach.

The technology was also a big deciding factor. We love the submission feature in JobAdder — love the client ratings. The LinkedIn integration was also something that unique to JobAdder, and we loved. Other providers don’t have that solution, and I didn’t have to buy LinkedIn Recruiter as a result of JobAdder’s LinkedIn Integration.

What’s been your favorite part about working with JobAdder?

Your customer service is really amazing. I’m amazed at the speed your support team member Kellen can answer our questions. Even if Kellen isn’t available in the US, someone in Sydney can answer a request and are really helpful. Even though, we’re a smaller account, I feel I get the same amount of support as your other clients. Your team really makes us feel important.

What are your top three favorite things about JobAdder?

JobAdder’s easy to use interface, terrific support and that your team is always trying to improve your system and always take into account client feedback.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

Customer service is excellent. Everyone is very patient with me. I had to ask a lot of questions and have been really supportive and the response is quick. JobAdder is really easy to use, my other employee has been using the account and also says it is very intuitive and very easy to use.

Support is something we pride ourselves in at JobAdder. Jorge’s account is just one example of our Support Pirates coming to the rescue. Learn how JobAdder can offer global support your team by requesting a demo today.

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