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Last week a group of us Adders was delighted to attend the August Captain’s Table event hosted by the team at Navigator Consulting.

If you’re wondering about what the attendance list looks like at a ‘Captain’s Table’ event, no – you don’t have to be an actual captain to attend, but you do have to be a recruitment business owner or leader with an avid interest in our industry. The purpose of the Captain’s Table meet ups is for industry influencers to network and discuss current recruitment trends and issues.

Supported by JobAdder, Gumtree and JXT, a group of us (non-captains) gathered at Sydney’s Hyatt Regency Hotel to discuss the topic of this session: employee retention and performance. Don’t miss this quick video of the event highlights:



Here are the top 10 insights and advice discussed at the event:

  1. Offer competitive remuneration. Money isn’t everything, but paying slightly higher than the market average will help you hold onto good people.
  2. Set out a clear career path. Lack of career progression is one of the main reasons why employees leave jobs, so make sure you map out the career progression ahead of your staff.
  3. Give recognition and rewards. Never underestimate the power of positive recognition. Workplace rewards can also be extremely incentivising, such as those in the form of cash and non-cash rewards.
  4. Offer learning and development. Giving your employees professional development is an important way to upskill and retain staff.
  5. Set clear expectations and goals. Often leaders tend to forget to articulate the goals and expectations in their minds to staff. Make sure you do so – people respond well to clear guidelines and constructive feedback!
  6. Lead from the front. It is crucial to the success of your business that senior leadership set a good example and are actively involved in building a high-performing, positive company culture.
  7. Don’t let things get stale. Put measures in place so that staff encounter a degree of variety in their daily role to prevent boredom and lack of motivation and creativity.
  8. Give freedom and flexibility. Give you staff the opportunity to achieve work-life balance by offering flexible working arrangements, while keeping clear performance metrics in place. This imparts a sense of trust which breeds loyalty to company and employer.
  9. Invest in your best. High performers in the workplace need coaching and mentoring, and are more likely to be poached from competitors if they’re not nurtured.
  10. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Your employees are your most valuable commodity, so talk to them – make them feel trusted by sharing company plans and goals, ask for feedback, engage them by having open discussions about issues and projects that affect the company.


To get the official event low down, read Navigator Consulting’s full post-event article here. While you’re here, check out the event photo gallery too!

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