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On Friday JobAdder gathered together a packed crowd of 80 Sydney-based recruitment professionals in one crowded room, and if you weren’t one of them, let us tell you why you should have been.

For JobAdder’s Recruitment Trends event in Sydney, host Brett Iredale discussed the latest shifts reshaping our industry and gave audience members a run-through of the products and apps every good recruiter should have in their toolkit. Check out our album of pictures from the event!

Non Sydney-siders, fear not, JobAdder will be travelling interstate to host this free event in Melbourne on the 1st of July, make sure you don’t miss out!

I know what you’re thinking – how in the world did we capture the attention of some of the busiest multitaskers in the game for almost two hours to talk shop on a Friday afternoon?

Well, engaging insight and a laid-back atmosphere (plus some beers and gummy snakes) made it easy to focus on what was being presented. There may also have been a video featuring one of our Senior Software Developers on a Shetland pony, but that’s a story for another time.

As well as revealing highlights from JobAdder’s newly-launched partner marketplace, Brett shared everything from tips on how to upgrade your company culture, to a tour of JobAdder’s newest features, to a definitive list of the “dumb stuff” you need ditch from your office now.

Plus, just to show how much better (and easier) recruitment can be with these key tools, Brett carried out the complete end-to-end process of creating a job, advertising for it, taking applications and hosting candidate interviews in real-time. All in a very non-traditional way.

Hint: video was one of the big trends discussed.

During the after-party, a handful of recruiters kindly offered some firsthand advice about what they found most valuable and why.

For Jessica from RWR Recruit, it was the exploration of flexible working beyond just flexible hours. Jessica added, “As a recruitment agency, it’s nice to hear of different ways we can attract people to our brand.”

There was a recurring sentiment from the crowd that the technologies and tools discussed were on people’s radar in some form or another. Many recruiters expressed that they had dabbled in using some of the technologies and were interested to learn best practice tips, while others had not yet taken the plunge at all. As one recruiter put it, “It has given us ideas about what we can take back to the office on Monday.”

Finally, Kirsten from the PICA Group was pleasantly surprised by Brett’s open and honest knowledge-sharing, which included advice about products and platforms outside JobAdder. Kirsten shared, “I really liked the way that Brett talked about the new, different types of recruitment software that is on the market… It’s unusual I think for software companies to give tips about other software companies.”


RSVP here for the upcoming event in Melbourne.

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