Hold the phone – last month we experienced the highest ever number of downloads of the JobAdder mobile app in JobAdder history!

So to dial it up a notch for our app-happy users, this month we decked out the app with all new features and things people love most from the desktop. Catch the full recap in less than 60 seconds:




It’s not just these new goodies that users are loving, each month we add slick new features and enhancements to the app, often inspired by client feedback.

Here’s a quick refresher of the most popular new features we’ve added over the last 6 months:

  • View records linked to a task (e.g. placements, candidates, job applications)
  • Receive daily task summaries via push notifications
  • Click on any JobAdder record link in mobile to open that specific record in the app
  • Pull to refresh on record detail pages
  • Long press to copy phone numbers, emails and addresses
  • Major facelift from a design POV with updated fonts, icons and colours
  • Fingerprint login technology


At JobAdder, the man behind the magic is Mobile Developer Matthew Robins. You can call him Mobile Matt for short. Matt lives and breathes mobile and in between bringing exciting new mobile tech to JobAdder, he was recently invited by Microsoft to their HQ in Seattle to talk all things Xamarin (mobile app software). Let’s hope he didn’t wear the ponytail beard.


JobAdder Mobile Matt


We caught up with Mobile Matt to talk mobile recruiting tips and why mobile tech is so important for the recruitment industry.

JobAdder: What makes mobile recruiting so awesome?

Mobile Matt: “Mobile recruiting is awesome because it’s so easy to review information while on the go and frees people up from being chained to their desks! Say you’re in an Uber to your next meeting with a hiring manager and need to review the candidates you’ve sent through, just search job applications by the job title, then quickly review each application.”

JobAdder: What is the biggest misconception about recruiting from mobile?

Mobile Matt: “I’d say the biggest misconception is that it’s hard. People are so used to recruiting from the desktop that they think they won’t be able to do as good a job from mobile but it’s just not true. Recruiters have the chance to work way more efficiently and make better use of their time if they recruit from mobile.”

JobAdder: What are your 3 tips for recruiting with mobile like a pro?

Mobile Matt: “Tip # 1: Update candidate ratings on the go using the simple star rating system.

Tip # 2: Call, text and email your contacts right from within JobAdder by tapping on the phone and email fields!

Tip # 3: Keep on top of your latest job applications by using the apps job applications searching and sorting. Search by job title and filter by ‘Applied’ status and you’ll get a quick summary of your new job applications in a flash!”


So what are you waiting for? Download the JobAdder app on iPhone or Android today!

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  1. The mobile app is evolving so rapidly now – so damn proud of it and where it is heading. Well done Matty.

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