For those unfamiliar with Ethical Jobs, it is an online recruitment site with a conscience: matching job seekers and employers who want to build a better world.

This job site is dedicated to amplifying employee engagement by offering job seekers the chance to find meaningful work, and to promoting talent acquisition of ethically-minded staff for a variety of companies.

We are delighted to announce that Ethical Jobs is now live with JobAdder.

Here is an excerpt from our newest Partner: is a job-search site for people who want to work for a better world. We list community jobs, environmental jobs, not-for-profit jobs and social enterprise jobs that contribute to a more equitable, more just or more sustainable world.

We’ve noticed that increasingly Australians want the work we do to make a difference. Unfortunately, though many of us would love a job where we feel we’re contributing to a better world, many people are unable to find one.

That’s why we started – to bring together people and organisations with a passion for sustainability and justice, to provide resources to help people find a job that makes a difference, and to help organisations with a social or environmental mission to find the best staff they possibly can. is now a fast-growing community of people and organisations dedicated to making the world a better place.

And ethical organisations around Australia are finding fantastic staff on every day!

Ethical Jobs have a registered and active community of over a whopping 160,000 job seekers. If you are a like-minded job seeker with a passion for making the world a better place, they would love to hear from you. Our friendly support team here are also ready and waiting to take enquiries at

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