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JobAdder Apps Nomad Post

So you’ve managed to secure a telecommuting or remote working arrangement and you’ve got a new level of freedom?! Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, it may take a bit of adjusting to the different kind of discipline and lifestyle required to excel and enjoy your new digital life. That’s where we have experience that will be useful […]

JobAdder SydRecMeetup

JobAdder played host to Sydney’s very first #SydRecMeetup event and boy was it a breath of fresh air! Having gained popularity throughout New Zealand and in Melbourne over the last 2 years, the team behind Recruitment Meetup kicked things off in Sydney over beers at JobAdder HQ. Talent Acquisition leader and no-nonsense host Mark Mansour […]

There’s no denying that the market for recruitment management systems is competitive and oversaturated. If you’ve been wondering whether your recruitment platform is working hard enough for you, see how it stacks up against this checklist. Above all, a recruitment system should be intuitive and easy to use. This means having an uncluttered, user-friendly dashboard that puts key […]