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JobAdder Slack Blog Post

Lately we’ve noticed a lot of JobAdder users are getting Slack.   Not as in – you know – lazy, but Slack: the team communication tool that’s used by over 3 million people every day. As our savvy network of recruiters will know, it’s especially great for recruitment teams as the widespread usage of Slack […]

JobAdder Employee Retention Post

When it comes to the 2017 business objectives that are most important to companies and business leaders, Forbes reports that 87% of employers said that improving retention is a critical priority. With that in mind, we explore the top staff retention mechanisms that employers and managers can adopt to keep their talent engaged, fulfilled and […]

One of the highlights of JobAdder’s event circuit this month was attending the CIPD’s HR Software Show in London. This much-anticipated event was attended by industry influencers and tech gurus alike, and hosted a series of learning sessions on everything from HR data and analytics to onboarding inefficiencies to AI.     During the event, […]

JobAdder SOSU Post

Every recruiter’s main advantage is being able to continually source and secure the best talent. Last week the 2017 Australian Sourcing Summit event, dedicated to “Pushing Talent Sourcing Frontiers,” was a creative hub of the best and newest sourcing strategies and ideas. In case you missed out, here are the highlights from the #SOSUAU event: […]

JobAdder Instagram Post

More so than any other job board or social media site, Instagram has a polarising effect on recruiters. On the topic of Instagram, recruiters fall into one of two categories: they either acknowledge Instagram’s widespread popularity and are open to the talent pools accessible through the platform, or they’re dismissive of it and write it off as a […]