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Making a fresh start on your recruiting plans for 2017 doesn’t have to mean overhauling everything you’re currently doing. What you should be thinking about are ways to upgrade your processes and save time. Here are 3 popular JobAdder integrations that can give you an edge this year by helping you work smarter. Plus, don’t miss […]

In good news for recruiters who need to strengthen their digital footprint, JobAdder has integrated with Volcanic. In a nutshell, Volcanic are experts when it comes to building high-performing recruitment websites. Currently powering over 300 recruitment websites worldwide, analytics are one of Volcanic’s core components and are used to quantifiably improve the performance of each website they […]

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Are you a contract worker, or are you responsible for contract workers in your role? Well hold onto your hat, because we’ve integrated with a new partner that promises to make your life a whole lot easier. See all the official details in this recently published Press Release. Oncore Services are specialists in providing payroll […]