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We have officially integrated with HROnboard! This news is hot off the press, for all the official details please see this Press Release. How does this fit in with JobAdder, you say? As you probably already know, we’re the one-stop shop for talent sourcing and acquisition. Once a candidate is successfully placed with JobAdder, HROnboard picks up […]


So the award for the most entertaining blog post of last week goes to The Written Reference’s Craig Watson for ‘Polishing The Turd…’. I mean if nothing else, what a title! In the post, Craig boldly likens recruiters trying to repackage bad candidates as good ones to the act of polishing a turd. Come to think […]

If you often find yourself greeted by a bank of unread emails in the morning, you know that receiving just one too many group emails from a business is all it takes to tip you over the edge and make you hit the unsubscribe button. Nowadays, consumers can choose to ignore traditional B2C communications like emails […]