A few months back, we talked to Jorge’s Martinez Marbane at Arancione as they started simplifying their recruitment with JobAdder in Mexico City. Now we welcome IseeQ to the JobAdder family all the way from Hungary!

IseeQ is just one company that is embracing cloud recruitment. Follow along as Peter Batiz reviews how JobAdder has helped his team simplify their recruitment processes.

Why did you select JobAdder for your business?

We used a another recruitment system prior to coming to JobAdder and were not satisfied with the features and support.

What were some of the challenges your business faced prior to your new system evaluation?

Prior to JobAdder, merging data from one platform to another was difficult to handle but other than that it went well. Candidate tracking, Multi-layer administration, UI/UX design.

What are some of the main benefits you have found with JobAdder?

Reports, Quick Search, UI/UX design, In-Depth search, Linkedin profile feature, Awesome support!

What would you advise companies who are considering moving to the cloud?

Are there any company who does not use cloud solutions? I can’ really see the drawbacks using cloud as it is safe and we could reach out to it even from your mobile.

Looking to simplify your recruitment strategy? Try JobAdder out with a free 7-day trial.

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